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In the New Year, You could Add These 10 Watches to Your List!

We have selected 10 watches worth collecting for you. Let's check out if you prefer any of them......(Read more)

To ring in 2023, Pantone has released color of the year-Viva Magenta! Here comes six items in the color for you......(Read more)

Here is the demo of Xmas Sale and discounts of our physical stores. It will last until Jan 3rd. Feel free to visit our stores & feel festive vibes together......(Read more)

🤩Morandi bi-folds are ready to sweep the fashion. It is time to bring all home......(Read more)

Finally, 2022 Christmas gifts have debuted. Especially Morandi sets, they look exactly breathtaking......(Read more)

I want both refreshing and tranquil style. Let's find out best outfits for this season......(Read more)

The watches of 4 Hogwarts Houses fascinate me with their vivid crests! All of Harry Potter's Fans, it's time to bring them home......(Read more)

We hoped to craft a time gallery similar to a museum with watches. The watches descended in the most glorious Morandi tone. Welcome to visit them......(Read more)

Here came the hottest watches from the Apollo collection. let's see if your favorite is on the list......(Read more)

Let you grasp the gentleness of summer! You wouldn't want to miss these five watches......(Read more)

Even girls rock this mechanical watch! Unboxed by blogger Ninnie to recommend, now it is available......(Read more)

If you are wondering which brand could satisfy your better half, THEODORA'S would be a decent choice with great bargains; even evoke your desire for watches......(Read more)

Here come three best pairs of large/dainty watches! At friendly prices, each of them looks timeless......(Read more)

Here is the most comprehensive guide of the Batman collection: watches, bracelets, bi-folds......(Read more)

Have a peek at the latest news of the versatile brand ambassador-Forest Wen......(Read more)

Not too many or few, we would try on these ten hottest watches and showed what they look like if on you. You would benefit from this article if you click in......(Read more)

The May-limited gifts have debuted! Whether for Mother's Day, it's a good time to prepare a gift and speak your love out loud to your mommy......(Read more)

Let us take a look at our private recommendation, the Diana octagon collection and reveal its attraction......(Read more)

On a chilly day, if you know how to pair your outfits with a watch, the right color pairing could add a sense of warmth to your outfit......(Read more)

Too many watches make you dizzy in selecting? We heard your voice. Let's see how these influencers pair their watches......(Read more)

One of girls' favorite watches on the bestseller rank is coming! You must have this glorious watch......(Read more)

Hi, low-key couples, you are lucky! THEODORA’S has selected several watches to provide couples with more choices and let a sweet vibe linger between a couple......(Read more)

Wonder Woman Valentine's Day gift sets have been released. Time-limited deluxe offers show romance for the tiger year......(Read more)

Here finally came another hit of gifts!  Watch & fountain pen sets that everybody has expected for a long time came out recently......(Read more)

Let's see what influencers' recommended trending watches are! As Lunar New Year is coming, it is time for us to dress up ourselves fancy......(Read more)

In this article, we selected three hits of solar-powered watches to  invite everyone to experience attraction of these hits......(Read more)

Pantone, most credible institution of colors, has declared color of 2022. Let's reveal it......(Read more)

Chic and understated bluish watches suit any skin tone and match most outfits......(Read more)

You must have one of these white watches that go trending in autumn and winter......(Read more)

In this article, we have listed seven bestsellers from the Apollo chronograph collection. Let's see which ones are your favorites......(Read more)

To fight against cold weather, how could we stay warm and fashionable simultaneously? Three kinds of tops satisfy your demands......(Read more)

We have organized fan's feedback and questions in this article. Come and see if your questions got answered......(Read more)

Today, I will introduce some trendy filters on Instagram. So, you might spice up the richness of your pictures when going on a trip......(Read more)

Finally, it came! Theodora’s collaborated with WBCP first time to roll out the Wonder Woman collection. Let's have a look at five points of this collection......(Read more)

How can you miss denim as one of the classic element of outfits? This time, we offer four denim-style examples to show you how to wear your natural attraction......(Read more)

3 ways to pair coats and both leather and metal watches make you dazzle in winter......(Read more)

How to choose a fitting watch? In this article, we will offer you useful tips. Click and see them......(Read more)

All watches listed in this article are influencers' recommendations. If you have trouble making decisions, these classic will save you......(Read more)

From December, pictures of maple and bald cypress viewing will flood social media.  With this guide, you won’t fall behind this trend......(Read more)

Due to different sizes, couples might not exchange their clothes or shoes for wearing. However, watches solve this problem. Click in if you need some tips......(Read more)

If you want to experience the elegance of petite watches and add a touch of sophistication, you must not miss the following five unstoppable dainty ones......(Read more)

We have sorted a series of tourist destinations. Even though wearing a mask, you could find somewhere to relax with this list after 2-month WFH......(Read more)

If you are seeking suitable outfits and accessories for autumn and winter, this article will give you a general idea of the recent trend......(Read more)

【Gift Guide】Bloggers All Specify the Two Watches! The Shade of Milk Tea Looks Too Intoxicating to Hide Its Elegance.

This article will demonstrate how to pair your watches and weekly outfits for different occasions, ensuring you have different styles each day......(Read more)

As slight cool autumn is coming silently, it’s time to renew our outfits and accessories to fit in this season. For autumn, the most suitable are earth tones......(Read more)

【Shopping Guide】What are worth Your NT$5000 Stimulus Vouchers? Here are Some Options.

“How to spend your stimulus vouchers” might be the most trending topic right now. So, let's check out musts of Theodora's......(Read more)

I selected five featured watches made from mother-of-pearl for you. Their natural patterns make sure each of them is one and only......(Read more)

Don't know how to pair your outfits with accessories? Let's check how influencers make their choices and try them on for you to see......(Read more)

According to FAQs we receive the most often, questions like ‘Does this color will suit me?’ is questions people worry about. Don't worry. Here come answer......(Read more)

Finally, I could get some fresh air and take a trip. Also, I prepared two stylish watches to try on and showcase for you. Let's see their debut......(Read more)

“Use Your Talent, Love Your Work.” -Yvonne's Interview

Yvonne would be regarded as one of the representatives of slash workers. Her personalities attract numerous fans. Let's see what Yvonne's values of life are......(Read more)

Take your time to do anything, such as travel. If you want to travel, let's leisurely travel with watches of THEODORA'S......(Read more)

If you are tired of being staying home, get a new watch and dress yourself to create an atmosphere of traveling is a decent way to refresh your mood......(Read more)

After several months, we got back to work in the office again. Did you feel your creativity for pairing outfits drained? Let's brainstorm ideas for outfits......(Read more)

If you are keen on a retro England style, you won’t want to miss this unique watch......(Read more)

No need to await new fonts! This article will illustrate how to decorate your stories with new fancy fonts......(Read more)

At a glance, 2021 has passed more than a half. It’s not many days left. Still, you will find back compassion if using the right ways. Let’s look at these tips......(Read more)

When Going to parties or having meetings, someone would always be the last one, right? However, there are three zodiac signs never getting late. Let's guess......(Read more)

Dark blue is the warmest, unisex color, especially when you take photos outdoors. I have listed seven hottest watches for you. You can wear them when traveling......(Read more)

As you aged,  you would start to discover that watches are the items that showcase your enchantment the most. All you need is a quality watch......(Read more)

Countless people make living to survive in exhausting reality. However, don't forget you have the right to own better quality of life. Here comes three tips to forge yours......(Read more)

Still being single when another Valentine's Day come? Here come three proposals to make you revel in happiness......(Read more)

Due to its sheer black and neat design, this Zeus independent second watch in black sells like hotcakes understatedly......(Read more)

When festivals come, are you always lost in the sea of countless gift options? If you are, this article would be a lifebuoy for you......(Read more)

As Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming, in such a special year, THEODORA’S has prepared bountiful gifts sets for you......(Read more)

THEODORA'S Has prepared surprises for Chinese Valentine's Day in advance. Click in to see if any gift you prefer......(Read more)

THEODORA’S, symbolizing the gift from Heaven, crafts affordable watch so enticing that you never take off. Today, I will unbox their solar-powered watch......(Read more)

This article listed thirteen watches favored by users on social media to share them with you......(Read more)

Here comes thrilling news! Oklao and THEODORA’S collaborated to release drip bag coffee gift sets this month. Now, you get one with only NTD5000 spent on THEODORA'S......(Read more)

Long wallets of THEODORA’S upgraded to ver.2.0 and came in new colors this time. You will get addicted to it after touching it......(Read more)

【Big Hits】to Obtain Two Accessories Handily, Here List Five Hottest Gift Sets, which Bloggers Shock at Their Prices.

Among essential accessories in daily life, watches and wallets step into the group of must-have items. Therefore, we launched limited-edition watch & wallet sets......(Read more)

Would you be curious about how to keep your bond unwavering when separated? If you ask me, I’d say let’s convey our missing to your better half with a gift set......(Read more)

If you are looking for a practical, stellar gift set at a reasonable price, here is a “delicate gift set” worthy of your attention......(Read more)

Alright, here come gray wallets that fans have expected for a long while! THEODORA’S has rolled out bi-fold wallets in a new color this time......(Read more)

This year, you express thoughtful happiness to your mother or father, saying how much you love them with six watch gift sets......(Read more)

As black is the timeless color, products of the “blackout-black” series, from watches to sunglasses, were born for those who keep themselves black to the core......(Read more)

Now, here comes the most timeless gray! Clean and cozy, the natural breath suits spring and summer outfits for not being too dim......(Read more)

The favored accessories in new colors has finally come out! Watch, straps, and wallets are here. The selected four watches are waiting for you......(Read more)

Valentine's Day is coming. If you are still sticking in the hell of preparing a surprise, here comes a thread of hope.  The top five watch gift sets will save you from all worries......(Read more)

We have outlined the two new-released solar-powered watch series. If you are interested in this article, let’s scroll down to read......(Read more)

The nine recommended watches for 2021 have been listed here! No matter how high or low your budget is, you will find your favorite......(Read more)

We have sorted out the newest 12 watches that go viral on social media for you as the must-have ones of 2021......(Read more)

Black Friday is coming soon. It’s high time to get yourself an understated fashionable black accessory, following this “black trend.”......(Read more)

The end of 2020 is coming. When reuniting with your family and friends, let’s take this opportunity to give them a selected gift. Don’t miss this feature......(Read more)

THEODORA’S’s new arrivals of the year, the solar watch series in the name of deities, has been released......(Read more)

To draw people’s attention, this Apollo matte black watch is a must-have accessory. Whether you wear the watch only or take two of these as a pair of couple watches, the Apollo matte black watches never fail you......(Read more)

To celebrate the coming of November. THEODORA’S has released eight limited-edition watch sets! Next, I will briefly show you three unmissable watch sets of eight cost ONLY NTD2000......(Read more)

【Recommended Watch】The Most Beautiful Ever! This Watch in Snowy-White is the Rage on the Internet! Even Fans overseas are Mad about It.

The white watch that everybody dreams of has finally made its debut! All domestic and overseas fans praise this watch on social media, saving this post......(Read more)

This watch, powder coated with a special process, reflects a rare luster of brownish red from dials to straps.  Unmissable color of vogue-Brownish red......(Read more)

Nowadays, the trend prefers small purses. Girls who love short wallets hit the jackpot this time. This year, THEODORA’S released two short wallets for the first time......(Read more)

We especially list these watches for those who are fond of bluish-green and wine-red watches. Don't hesitate! Come and have a look......(Read more)

In the summer of 2020, THEODORA’S came to South Taiwan, we made a challenge that took deluxe pictures even not went abroad. Hurry up and see which watches went on a trip with us......(Read more)

The must-have watches of the year are here. One is big; the other is small. As You take photos with these two pink beige watches, the luster of milk tea shade makes photos look like already filtered ones......(Read more)

Most has released their gift sets for Valentine’s Day. Now, I want take you to look at the top couple watches gift sets for the special day, to avoid the obstacles of making choices......(Read more)

Finally, the gift sets for Chinese Valentine’s Day roll out, making their romantic debut. Theodora’s selects 35 gorgeous and romantic gift sets this time. We invite you to give him/ her the best gift on Chinese Valentine’s Day......(Read more)

The wallet for men finally comes out! This ultra-thin wallet crafted for men are light and manly, with the RFID-blocking function and texture of high-class leather......(Read more)

Do you still find a birthday gift that suits everyone? Don’t worry, Sunny collects all the net citizens’ choices of 2020 here. All is just for you......(Read more)

Are you confused about which gift you should choose for friends? If you are, you must know Theodora’s exclusive gift sets released on specific time......(Read more)

Now, we have a new choice for colors of watches. This chic color, brownish-red, is between red and brown, looking like mature burgundy. The fashionable and vintage style the main reason that many focus on the new arrivals......(Read more)

Summer is coming! The unmissable items are sunglasses. Not only do these sunglasses block ultraviolet, but make you more appealing. If want to be more specific in crowds, you will need these classy sunglasses, trust me......(Read more)

Hebe square watch series is the first non-round watch series launched by Theodora’s. With simple and light case, the 32 mm square watches are comfortable and elegant for girls......(Read more)

【Recommended Watches】Looking like a “Square Gem,” This Bluish Green Watch Presents Incomparable Grace.

Hebe bluish-green watches are square designs. All in all, the appearance looks minimalist and glam, which showcase its nature and romance. Also, you won’t get tired of this watch due to its distinctiveness......(Read more)

Halloween is coming! Here are some vogues that we would recommend to you, fitting such a special occasion. These items will keep you fashionable, when going through at parties......(Read more)

The Apollo bluish-green watch gift sets and Diana Skin pink watch gift sets are highly recommended by the blogger, Ava. Both large-surface watches and small-surface watches catch your eye......(Read more)

Are you still confused about what to buy this Mother’s Day? Theodora’s releases the time-limited square gift boxes this time......(Read more)

The selected classy blue watch series just for you! Classy, Confident, Clear. The special selections will upgrade your outfits. Our Neutral Watches suit men and women......(Read more)

Do you want some positive energy? This time we selected some accessories filled with positive energy for you. Not only do they all contain cheerful meanings, but also the tiny and exquisite appearances can upgrade your outfits......(Read more)

The popularity of Bluish keeps on fire. People have a lively discussion on the website. Apollo Bluish-Green Watch Series—the deep and mysterious color make the masses fall at love at first sight......(Read more)

This article opts for 11 watch which is all the rage on Instagram, and our fashion experts will illustrate the outfit outdoors, helping you to build up the idea of making your own outfits......(Read more)

The Zeus Chronograph series, one of Theodora’s Chronograph series, adapts dials of an independent second-hand design, composed with a date-displaying function......(Read more)

I recommend Theodora’s to you for a gift of Valentine’s Day. When it comes to Valentine’s day, couples anticipate something special only related to themselves. If you wonder which to give, How about Theodora’s couple watch sets......(Read more)

Fans' shared their affection with us, and the five pairs of watches will reveal your love feeling with you, too. Here are more styles listed in this article. Come in and have a look......(Read more)

Compared to equal or better quality of other brands, my favored basic styles in Theodora cost 1/3 less than other brands’ products. Then, I opt for two watches that fit all outfits......(Read more)

Apart from wearing new outfits, to celebrate a new year, Don’t forget to get yourself a new watch. It is a symbol that the new time starts from now on. Everything will be renewed......(Read more)

Simple and classic design never goes out of style. The match of a deep blue dial with a black watch strap displays its feature, no matter who will be beckoned with this timepiece......(Read more)

Wearing a precious bluish-green watch, you will own the vogue belonging to you anytime and anywhere......(Read more)

Come to feel the extreme black, and enjoy the courtesy just for black. This item is born for black-addicts. Don’t miss this black item......(Read more)

【Global Internet Celebrities Recommendation】Theodora’s: Presents from Heaven. An Iconic Brand of Watches and First Choice of Gifting

Theodora’s is an iconic brand of watches and chic accessories. It comes from Taiwan. The watch collections of Theodora’s are mostly designed in modern and minimal style......(Read more)

Christmas is around the corner, are you still finding Christmas gift for everyone on your list? Don’t worry, Theodora has already released “The Present from Heaven—Christmas Gift Sets”, would help you......(Read more)

Here's a good news to girls who love grey blue! Theodora released a brand new light blue watch this year! The grey blue dial featuring a rose gold Milanese strap is airy and stunning......(Read more)

Halloween is coming! Here are some vogues that we would recommend to you, fitting such a special occasion. These items will keep you fashionable, when going through at parties......(Read more)

Who says watches can only be round? This black square dial watch is so chic; it looks similar to Apple watch.  The matte black case is low-key but outstanding, which makes it be loved by a group of loyal fans......(Read more)

Blue is the warmest color; it can match with outfits of all seasons.  The blue watch is suitable for both men & women, and it also looks low-key & unique.  It’s warmer and more charming than a black watch......(Read more)

Be careful with “those 3 mistakes” that you made unconsciously let you scratch your favorite watch. This time, we are going to teach you how to wear Milanese strap watch correctly by words & photos in this blog......(Read more)

White is the simplest color but also the fanciest color. White makes people think of peace, pureness & joy. It’s like putting on a white outfit, you’d be like a muse......(Read more)

Black is the most fashionable color that would never fade out of trend, it’s really chic and hipster looking. We are going to introduce you this Black Athena Buckler watch......(Read more)

This bluish green color is rarely used on a watch, it won’t look bizarre, but surprisingly harmonic and fashionable instead......(Read more)

You don't need to ask people to help you picking gift anymore, this article lists the top 3 hottest gift sets for you.  The fine packaging box and prolific contain of the gift set is the perfect choice for sending gift on any spec......(Read more)

Compare with simple white dial or eye-catching red dial, this skin pink dial is rather elegant and brilliant. This color is tender and perfectly fitting the skin tone of Asian people......(Read more)

This article collects real comments & feedback from our customers, let our customers tell you how worthy Theodora’s watches is. Are you still hesitating about which watch to buy? Just take the advices from our customers......(Read more)

One day, one of our customer messaged us privately...Therefore, the editor came up with an idea that list the top 5 most popular Theodora’s watches among male customers for you......(Read more)

Except wearing couple-shirts, sometimes couples wear same bracelets could also strengthen the connection between each other. Taking each other’s hands with same bracelets to show off your love in a low-key way......(Read more)

There are many holidays in a year, have no new idea in gift?  Whether birthday present, anniversary gif, valentine's Day present, etc. You can choose the best gift in Theodora.  Let me show you the gift list......(Read more)

The simply wearing with denim and neutral wine red dial is really personalized, and really eye-catching. Neutral wine red dial light brown crazy horse leather strap watch had put the finishing touch of wearing......(Read more)

Which color do you prefer today? We have all colors you want, so that you match your outfits as how you like it......(Read more)

Since Mother's Day is coming, what kind of gifts should I prepare always confuse us. Don't worry. This article  offers options that unlock your mom's heart......(Read more)

Have any idea come to you for the coming Mother's Day to appreciate your mom......(Read more)

Since I bought the mother-daughter bracelet gift set last time, I have become a big fan of this brand, Theodora’s. It’s so popular right now......(Read more)

Simple white dial featuring pink macaron color strap is pretty sweet like the first love. It is definitely the best color in spring......(Read more)

The roaring waves; the world is waiting for us to explore. Pick a delicate watch of Poseidon. put it on to highlight your imposing vigor......(Read more)

Too many choices! You don’t know how to make a choice. Then go to see the review from others. That will help your solve the indecision......(Read more)

Wear the exclusive couple items for your love. This is the second time that I cooperate with them. Every time, I am happy to share and introduce their watches......(Read more)

The Valentine’s Day is coming. Have you picked the gift for your love? We recommend you that buying the couple watches gift set is the best choice for you......(Read more)

In a cold winter, drinking a cup of coffee or hot chocolate is the best thing. And outfit is also not an exception. You can wear something brown in daily occasion to make you special......(Read more)

Though I have wrote lots of articles, I think Theodora’s is the most ideal brand so far. And the price of the watch is really affordable. The color of the watch is also beautiful......(Read more)



Let's travel around the world and make dreams come true......(Read more)

2018 Christmas is around the corner. If you still do not know what to send, you can just send this gift set! It’s so sweet......(Read more)

It’s not a normal blue, it’s “midnight blue”......(Read more)

I’m Dale, a Tarot Fortune Teller. At first, I studied the tarot just in order to find the answer of myself. I just want to said that You control your own life. Choose a special gift for the special you......(Read more)

The watches from Theodora’s are suitable for men and women. Just pick the collection you like and choose your strap color. And you can have couple watches......(Read more)

All you need to do is walk in your time zone. Focus on one thing. Something lucky will happen to you......(Read more)

It is an unique skin pink dial. The shiny and pretty watch face reflects everything lovely. Just like walking under the sunset......(Read more)

If you are not familiar with how to change your watch straps, this article could help you do it without difficulties......(Read more)

Watches will be affected by the environment or the different usage especially the sweat. If you clean and maintain routinely, your watch can last longer......(Read more)

Why does your watch become dirty and rust suddenly? Today, we’re going to show you how to maintain and clean your watch......(Read more)

The gap between women is not only about appearance, but includes grace. The item that polishes the grace of you is watches of Theodora's......(Read more)

These watches at the epic level would stay by your side......(Read more)

There is no watch straps better than these mesh bands, light and slim, and they keep you in a refreshing style......(Read more)

Timeless watches made these influencers unable to let go these timepiece, which told us that even a watch makes people's eyes glued on itself......(Read more)

Do you want to know how to create multiple styles with a watch? This article has collected Blogger Apple's outfits of a week, so that you find out the tips......(Read more)

Since the previous article about outfits of my vacation has received tons of likes, I wrote to share another one about outfits of Songkran with you this time......(Read more)

Since the previous article about outfits of my vacation has received tons of likes, I wrote to share another one about outfits of Songkran with you this time......(Read more)

Kyoto is the ancient capital of Japanese, and preserves sumptuous history and cultural relics. Everything here has its story. That is why tourists stay in Kyoto......(Read more)

This time, we invited a blogger, Matcha, to take us to enjoy desserts in Kyoto. Let's move on......(Read more)

【Blogger Recommendation】Wear Chic Theodora's and Create Your Own Story.

Watches not only add layers to your outfits, but they also reveal your another side and elegance......(Read more)

These years, My sister and I have traveled around the world, and witnessed some intriguing things. But, that was not enough. We planned this family trip......(Read more)

When browsing our watches, most customers would be confused about  the difference between eggshell white and silver white. This article will show you the answer......(Read more)

Straps are like another kind of accessories. A tiny change will bring a refreshing sense. This article showed you a way to change styles without buying watches......(Read more)

Do you wanna find a remarkable watch? As countless people just follow trends. Today, I am going to share a distinctive watch brand, Theodora’s, with you......(Read more)

I got my order with satisfaction. Also I wanna give some advice to you. Do not worry too much! You can trust me to buy the watch of Theodora’s......(Read more)