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【Shopping Guide】What are worth Your NT$5000 Stimulus Vouchers? Here are Some Options.

“How to spend your stimulus vouchers” might be the most trending topic right now. Our customer service also received a lot of questions about if these stimulus vouchers are available for products of Theodora’s. Yes, they. As long as you have digitally connected your vouchers with your credit card, you can spend them on these products.


#Must-own time-limited gift sets


Time-limited gift sets are top options of musts! If you miss this chance, you might feel sorry for it. After choosing a preferred dial, you choose straps then. Here are more than one hundred kinds of pairings for you. Mesh bands and crazy horse leather straps are highly recommended.

#Must-own colors

-Chic, timeless black-
Classic black, apart from minimalism, also features a sense of mystery. No matter which style you wear, black watches always go seamlessly with any outfit.

Aurora matte black-black mesh

-Sophisticated, gentle milk tea-
Understated milk tea composes this fancy, retro pairing with matte black. Autumn just needs inspiration like this. Through a mix-and-match style of straps, we believe that you who notice these details would love this watch.

Aurora milk tea crazy horse leather


-Upscale, fashionable rose gold-
Rose gold mesh bands create balmy, lustrous glory for females! Moreover, the color pairing suits the skin tones of Asians. Trendy girls will not want to miss it.

Apollo skin pink-rose gold mesh 


#Must-own besties & couples watches


-Classic Hera paired watches-
As your bestie owns the same watch as you, it would feel like you stay with each other anytime. Besides, the big-small design of Hera watches is suitable for wearing together. If you buy this set, the NT$5000 vouchers are more than enough.

Hera black dial-orange brown genuine leather
Hera【small】black-orange brown genuine leather


-Apollo chronograph paired watches-
The Apollo chronograph collection boasts its functions, such as its 24-hour, day, and date indicators. Now, they also came out as big-small sets. As for couples, this set will not fail you. You just need the NT$5000 vouchers and an extra NT$900 to bring them home. 

Apollo bluish green-black mesh
Apollo【small】bluish green-black mesh

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