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【Survey Collecting】Official Answering for Fans’ FAQ

To celebrate the release of new arrivals, we appreciated every fan’s participation in filling in the survey, so we collected quite a few questions. To sort them, we have selected those frequently asked, and answered them all in this post at once. Let’s have a look at them!

Q1: When would you set up a physical store?


A1: Since too many customers asked this question on LINE, our fan page and even suggestion boxes in surveys, we replied to this question through this chance. Theodora’s has planned to establish the first physical store in 2022. Please stay tuned!

Q2: Look forward to more information about discounts and offers.


A2: Theodora’s will release new time-limited gift sets irregularly. Compared to single watches, the actual prices of these gift sets are more affordable. In addition, these gift sets will not be available after sales end. If you look forward to a great bargain, time-limited gift sets would be your best friends. Also, when new arrivals come out, Theodora’s will release discounted gift sets during early-bird pre-order. That is the best time to place an order. (Visit)

Q3: Anticipate the release of new slim long wallets.


A3: Theodora’s always listens to everybody’s voice. This time releasing new arrivals of the year, we purposely designed long wallets to be not only fancy but multifunctional, such as high capacity and a detachable chain. The long wallets could store a smartphone or even a passport. With the chain, you have many ways to carry it. Thanks to their long and light features, Theodora’s hoped that the new long wallets satisfied customers’ demands. We are looking forward to fans sharing their pictures of the long wallets.


New long wallets here

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Q4: Will you release luminous watches later?


Q4: As our customer service continually received feedback from customers, they hoped that Theodora’s release watches with a luminous function. Thus, they could know the time with a luminous watch when watching a movie or staying in a car in the dark. Resulting from fans’ voices, the design of new watches of the year was equipped with a luminous function this time. Theodora’s believes that these watches will bring their wearers brightness and courage either day or night, just as features of the new watches. Finally, the wearers carry their faith and energy to shine anytime.


New arrivals

Solar-powered luminous watches 

Q5: How to adjust and maintain straps?

A5: About daily maintenance of watches, the guides for maintaining watches are below. Your watches would stay with you longer if you maintain them in daily life.

Theodora’s Watches Daily Care and Maintenance (Basic)

Theodora’s Watches Daily Care and Maintenance (Advanced)

Guide for Straps Replacing 

Q6: I have worn my watch for years. How could I replace its battery?

A6: For all problems with products including how to replace the battery of your watch, Theodora’s has professional customer service to serve you. Please friend the official account of Theodora’s on LINE@:

Then, leave your demands to customer service, and the members will guide you to run the process of replacing batteries.


That’s all for the survey before new arrivals come out. Theodora’s appreciated everyone’s participation and sorted frequently asked questions to answer here. As for other questions and suggestions, Theodora’s also heard and paid close attention to them. After arranging them, the supervisor of customer service would call back to customers to understand their feedback. Theodora’s was glad to hear many fans’ support and advice. If needed, Theodora’s will send a survey in the future to listen to fans’ voices and keep striving.

New arrivals of the year: luminous solar-powered watches made their grand debut!

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