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No Need to WFH Anymore? These Tips of Office Wear Illustrate How to Get Back to Work in a Lavish style.

After several months, we got back to work in the office again. Suddenly, we no longer dress lightly to work from home leisurely. Did you feel your creativity for pairing outfits drained? If you have a similar situation, just as we look for our cabinets to pair outfits every day, which costs considerable time, hurry up and read the next paragraphs to brainstorm ideas for outfits!

In recent years, two styles that everyone has been discussing are “business casual” and “smart casual.” What is the difference between them?


Business Casual

Business Casual is a style a bit more leisurely than formal suits, but this style still impresses others with a professional business look. Business casual outfits would be refined and chic, such as a neat suit jacket, dress, and so on paired with basic pairs of shoes, leather shoes, kitten heels, etc. On the one hand, this way will release you from the restrictions of formal suits. On the other hand, it preserves a certain amount of formality.

Recommended watches for the business casual style

Through metal straps, for example, mesh bands and bracelet straps, watches could boost a sense of profession in your outfits. Classic gold and silver will correspond to features of your outfits.

An Apollo skin pink-rose gold mesh watch, whose color pairing remains sophisticated and gentle, renders your business casual outfit stunning rather than stealing its thunder.

Mercury solar powered-rose gold bracelet strap, if paired with a suit jacket, will boost your aura. Besides, it features a chronographic function and a date window. All in all, it would polish your style to be brighter.


Smart casual 

Smart casual remains higher flexibility than business casual, which tells us that we have more space to pair our outfits. The key is choosing clothes that convey a sense of design to display your characteristics. Still, you need to keep yourself tidy and professional. Smart casual has stepped into the young generation’s trend, since the style stays formal at a certain level but not over sloppy. Smart casual often fits in vivid and creative work environments, for example, marketing companies, advertising agencies, etc. Smart casual usually leaves a decent, clean-cut, fashionable, and professional impression on your clients and superiors. A pair of jeans with a rare-cut top is the hottest combination of smart casual.

Recommended watches for smart casual

To blend a balmy vibe with your outfit, you could achieve this purpose by choosing different materials of straps. Crazy horse leather straps and genuine leather straps are decent choices.

Apollo chronograph-milk tea crazy horse leather, spices up the smart casual outfit with more personal charisma. 

Hera eggshell white-orange brown genuine leather proves that the simple is the best way to bring out the highlight of your outfit. In addition, orange brown straps fit any occasion and go seamlessly with all clothes. 

No matter what you wear, it is believed that your clothes will talk for you. Based on decent and professional elements, your outfits would get you in the status of working. Moreover, it would be better if you could select various watches to enliven your office wear.