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In the New Year, You could Add These 10 Watches to Your List!

Most stunning should not be absent from your list.

Thus, we selected 10 watches liked by fans. Let’s see if there is any watch that catches your attention. 


The first recommendation: Mercury champagne beige

The Mercury champagne beige watch, under the sunshine or indoor light sources, could recharge itself and work. Thanks to its energetic color, this watch also keep you sparkling the whole year. (Link)


The second recommendation: Wonder Woman white-rose gold mesh

Its sheer white better presents the glamour and sophistication of the Wonder Woman solar-powered watch. While you travel abroad, this watch stays chic, suits most styles, and goes well with all skin tones. You wear an adorable but natural timepiece, which is unmissable on your list! (Link)


The third recommendation: Mercury coral pink-pink leather

The solar-powered watch in Morandi coral pink looks like it was tailor-made for girls! Its designer infused 50% gray into this pink watch and created 100% stunning. This exclusively blended pink would evoke your girly heart. (Link)


The fourth recommendation: Mercury bluestone-bluestone leather 

The Mercury bluestone solar-powered watch, in a unisex color, suits anyone. Such a gentle blue gray is quite rare. Everyone rocks this watch, even if it is uncommon, though. In the new year, trying a new color would refresh the impression of you on others. (Link)


The fifth recommendation: Harry Potter-Gryffindor

Hit of the year belongs to no one but this watch-Harry Potter Gryffindor House Watch, whose watch hid a nice touch of 9¾Platform. In addition, a luminous pattern gradually emerges. This design showcases a sense of magic. Paired with exclusive England crazy horse leather straps, the preppy style of this watch will steal many fans’ hearts. (Link)


The six recommendation: Harry Potter-Ravenclaw

This wise, stunning blue Ravenclaw watch also received lavish praise. Its vivid eagle pattern evokes every Harry Potter’s Fans’ soul. The deep blue seems like the pronoun of glamour. This watch suit whoever wears it. Understated and chic, this watch has magic to keep you wearing it always. (Link)


The seventh recommendation: Mercury solar-powered bluish green-black mesh

A Mercury bluish green solar-powered bluish watch, walk into forests with you to enjoy the leisure of being surrounded by nature. Its 42mm vertical-subdial dial, equipped with versatile functions, recharges itself outdoors whenever there is light, which eliminates your worries about batteries. (Link)


The eighth recommendation: Mercury solar-powered white-exquisite white

A mercury solar-powered, coupled with exquisite white crazy horse leather straps, shines with pure white and catches people’s attention. In addition, the shallow patterns on the straps feature hazy fairness that adds a touch of grace. (Link)


The ninth recommendation: Harry Potter-Hufflepuff

The Harry Potter Hufflepuff house watch, with an adorable badger imprinted on a rose gold dial that goes well with all styles, coupled with timeless brown straps, boasts its highlight of being stunning. (Link)


The tenth recommendation: Batman mechanical watches-rose gold

The time-limited rose gold batman watch, whose complicated dial presents fine craftsmanship, reverses the impression that mechanical watches would be too masculine in the past. As the mechanical watch crafted for females, chic and gorgeous, it is worth collecting. (Link)


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