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These Stunning Landmarks are Worth Visiting! Let Us Walk You Through the Guide for Bald Cypress Viewing.

Autumn has stepped silently into our lives. From December, pictures of maple and bald cypress viewing will flood social media. Resulting from that, we know that it enters the best time to go maple viewing. This guide included three stunning landmarks. With this guide, you won’t fall behind this trend. Let’s have a look at it!


Yilan: The Lipi Lake

Since the bald cypresses in the Lipi Lake, Yilan radiates a golden luster, they are deemed to be the most glorious tourist destination. The masses often consider that such a scene only exists in Europe. However, Taiwan in autumn also has landmarks that dazzle us. Back to the Lipi Lake, it is located next to the Yuanshan Fuyuan cemetery, and bald cypresses were planted along the bank of the Lipi lake. Its nature walk, vast piece of grassland, and little bridge stone would form a picturesque view when you are taking selfies.


Nantou: The Aowanda National Recreation Area

In front of the Green Resort Village, three iconic 20-meter tall bald cypresses tower. 
Also, resulting from Aowanda’s high altitude, once the temperature lowers, the bald cypresses will turn pink and red. That magnificent view always attracts bunches of tourists. For whoever feels to pilgrim this Xanadu, it is convenient to check Aowanda National Recreation Area’s fan page. As long as bald cypresses turn red, the fan page will release an announcement.
(Photo Credit: Aowanda National Recreation Area official website)

Taoyuan: Bade Bald Cypress Forest

The secret landmark in Bade, Taoyuan owns boundless land. On sunny days, roaming in this secret landmark, you will see beams of light go through seams of leaves and sprinkle on the ground. What a breathtaking view! Besides, you will notice that the Bald cypress forest grows lushly. Therefore, you could film a fancy video that conveys a cozy vibe. 
(Photo credit: First Stop in Taiwan official website)

If you want to film a fashionable video in autumn/winter, apart from views, outfits and accessories are keys to completing the style of your video. 


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Autumn colors #3 Hera eggshell white-orange brown leather

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