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A Project of Going on a Mini Trip Features Countryside Landmarks to Release Your Body and Mind.

As the government started to lift the ban slightly, everybody could take a breath after WFH for 2 months. Following the information, we have sorted a series of tourist destinations. Even though wearing a mask, you could find somewhere to relax with this list.

Mini trip project 1: Glamping 

In recent years, Glamping has started a trend. The so-called glamping is blended with two words “Glamourous” and “Camp.” Compared to traditional camping, which you have to prepare piles of essentials beforehand, such as equipment and food, Glamping only needs you to leave for the camping area. It saves you the troubles of camping and you even have a choice of living in a cottage or a camping car to enjoy the air-conditioner.

Let’s stay away from the hustling and bustling city and get surrounded by soothing green space! With the company of birds chirping and bugs buzzing, a starry sky and breeze join the party. Then, you can have a barbecue, cheer, and chat with your friends.

Mini trip project 2: Step into nature

#Nantou Sun-Link-Sea Forest and Nature Resort

As the Sun-Link-Sea Forest is at an altitude of 1600 meters, it owns natural and primitive hills and plants. This place is the best landmark to wander in nature walk and absorb phytoncide.

#Nantou Qingjing Farm Green Green Grasslands

After seeing a vast meadow, will you feel to roll or run on the meadow? The Green Green Grasslands in the Qingjing Farm is another decent choice after lifting the ban. While you look at the boundless meadow, your worries also dissipate.

Finally, we arrived at the countryside, which was a chance to take pictures for your social media. Now, you only lack a delicate watch going well with any outfit.


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On the premise that you follow the rules of preventing the epidemic, you might put on accessories that help you find back confidence and leave for the countryside to take more fancy pictures.

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