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Brand Ambassador, Forest Wen Won Fans' hearts with Her Balmy Image!

Brand ambassador, Forest Wen wore a Mercury solar-powered white-milk tea crazy horse leather (NTD 5137)

Known for its watch collections of ancient Greek deities, a Taiwanese watch brand-Theodora’s, favored by young ages, proclaimed that this company assigned a supernova actress-Forest Wen to be the first brand ambassador. Also, Theodora’s has prepared for establishing physical stores. The first one would be open in the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Zuoying Branch in early April. Next, they will proceed to set up a location in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi in Taichung. Its following plans would also include the north. In the future, the masses will have more opportunities to witness the sparkles intertwined by Forest Wen and Theodora’s and receive the most memorable blessings from them.


Becoming the brand ambassador of Theodora’s this year, Forest radiated with her prowess through visual works, such as “A Sun,” “A Touch of Green,” etc. The character, Servant Butterfly, starred by her, significantly displayed the gentle but unwavering side of women. Thus, the image was imprinted in the audiences’ minds. As her images in these works, Forest Wen’s every movement conveys refreshing and refined vibes, but she has a spirit to adventure even in a slim shape. Not fearing the scorching sun and fierce storms, Forest Wen is keen to go hiking and go mountain climbing and outdoor activities like the above, which makes her a sunny girl in the eyes of her fans. Such an impression just fits the goal of Theodora’s. 

Theodora’s first physical store is located at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Zuoying Branch.

In 2022, Theodora’s is going to prepare for physical channels wholeheartedly and set up stores in the middle and north Taiwan step by step. Recently, Theodora’s has started a flash store tour around Taiwan. The first stop would be in Big City Shopping Plaza in Hsinchu. Next is to proceed to Taichung in early June. Theodora’s sincerely invited fans all over Taiwan to share the festive vibe together and find an exclusive gift.


Since established in 2017, Theodora’s focused on online platforms in the early stage. After building a steady source of customers in Taiwan’s market, Theodora’s started to expand their business to abroad markets, such as Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Then, in 2022, Theodora’s devoted to satisfying voices of vast customers, took the first step to physical channels, and set up flash stores in Kaohsiung Arena Shopping Plaza and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Zuoying Branch in February and March separately. Both received unexpected good comments. Finally, Theodora’s officially established the first flagship store in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Zuoying Branch on April 5th. This store symbolized the milestone of Theodora’s.

In addition, Theodora’s believed that pursuing innovation is the source of keeping a brand energetic, just as pointers on watches won’t stop. To fit in fashions of the young generation, Theodora’s collaborated with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products (WBCGDP) in 2021, planning to release Super Heroes and Heroines IP products one after one. In the future, this collaboration might increase the international reputation of Theodora’s.

Theodora’s-Love Gift sets: Bestseller (NTD2869)

From the establishment of Theodora’s, known for its fashionable watches, leather products, accessories, sunglasses, etc., Theodora’s was favored by the young generation. One of the reasons could be watch collections named after ancient Greek deities. As their unisex styles fit both sexes, vivid and intriguing background settings gave clear-cut features to each collection with every deity’s characteristics. 
Therefore, these watch collections become evergreen products, no matter who finds the fittest style. Whenever new arrivals came out, they became the attention of the masses, and attract several influencers to purchase these watches and leave the fanciest selfies on their social media. At the same time, Theodora’s insisted on the spirit of “gifts from heaven” to release various fine gift sets, with rare craftsmanship, which are decent choices for festivals and anniversaries to convey your love.


Theodora’s has established in 2017, named in Greek “Θεοδώρα,” which symbolized “gifts from heaven.” This word was also the name of the queen of the Byzantine empire. During a riot that swept the palace, Theodora said a sentence to Justinian I: “The ones wearing a crown should not flee when in danger. I, will stay here.” Theodora’s sturdy will invigorated Justinian I and let him take back his faith. Consequently, the riot was solved rapidly. To Justinian I, Theodora was the one and only present bestowed by God, transferring strength to him when he faced the music. That was how Theodora wrote down her story with her independent, valiant, and unwavering faith on pages of history. 

Worn by Forest Wen: Apollo chronograph bluish green-black mesh (NTD3453)

About Theodora’s

Theodora’s is a watch brand from Taiwan, committed to development and design of watches and accessories, having been established since 2017. Then, Theodora’s expand their service to Southern-East Asia. Theodora originated from the Greek “Θεο+δώρα,” which symbolized “a gift from heaven.” Therefore, all customers visiting Theodora’s would find a gift exclusively for themselves. Now, Theodora’s offers service to 5 countries: Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau. For more information, please visit: