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【Featured】Meet This Classic Black Square Dial Watch. Its Simplicity Matches Various Styles

Who says watches can only be round? This black square dial watch is so chic; it looks similar to Apple watch.

The matte black case is low-key but outstanding, which makes it be loved by a group of loyal fans.

The gray and black tone color perfectly interprets the style of this watch.

The gray pointing hands and matte black watch are exactly a perfect match, low-key but stylish.

Anywhere you go or any outfits you wear, put on this square dial watch, you'll have a chic aura.

Your daily outfit would look stylish with this black square dial watch, you can go out fashionably.

In the trend of round dial watches, square dial watches are beautiful in an alternative way.

The black square dial has another style and a layered aesthetics matching with a black bracelet.

All matte black design is not eye-catching but it has a uniquely characteristic glamour, it’s low-key but charming.

The consistency of black of the watch looks chic in any angle. Put it on and you would find its beauty of tranquility.

Leave the track of round dial trend, and follow the paths of this square dial watch.

It is outstanding in the gray and black world, let it accompany you to be the most characteristic you.

Besides black square dial watch, there are 5 more colors of square dial watch for you to choose from.

The watches of Theodora’s are colorful, various and meaningful.

All the watches have one year warranty and 15 days free return, and all the products would be packaged delicately in a fine box.

If you want to buy a simple but heart-warming gift, just go check out Theodora’s official website.

More angles, more unique.

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