Theodora's|Apollo [可調式]中性三眼實心鋼鍊帶腕錶 三眼銀藍-鍊帶銀

NT.3672  NT.3488
請先選擇顏色 [大錶面]直徑41mm
  • 推薦加購商品
  • Theodora's|[大錶面適用]經典款真皮錶帶 深藍
    NT$480 NT$456
  • Theodora's|[大錶面適用]經典款米蘭錶帶 銀
    NT$480 NT$456


商品規格 尺寸(cm)
錶面直徑 4.1
鏡面直徑 3.8
錶帶寬度 2
錶頭厚度 0.8
錶面玻璃 礦物玻璃
錶帶材質 實心304不銹鋼
機芯 日本機芯
功能 24小時制.日期.星期顯示
防水性 3ATM 生活防水





※This strap is adjustable solid luxurious metal strap, which is made of 304 stainless steel. This strap doesn’t need to be cut to adjust the width of wrist, it can be adjusted easily by yourself. To see more details, please check the tutorial video below.

This product is suitable for 20mm strap
※ Please manually set the date on the first day of each month due to different days.




【Radiant and Shiny Glory


Sapphire 3-eye chronograph dial has an azure glow, and the silver case and pointing hands makes this watch more harmonic.


 Featuring a silver luxurious metal watch makes the blue dial more chic and stable.