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【Tutorial】How to Avoid 3 Common Mistakes While Wearing a Milanese Strap Watch?

Be careful with “those 3 mistakes” that you made unconsciously let you scratch your favorite watch.

This time, we are going to teach you how to wear Milanese strap watch correctly by words & photos in this blog.

Those 3 problems actually could be solved easily. Learn those tips, and become a watch expert!

1st Mistake: Please put the tool into the right place to lever up the clasp

Many people would put the tool into the wrong place to lever up the clasp,

but it would cause damages and scratches on your Milanese strap and the clasp might not be buckled up properly.

Actually you only need to put your watch on a flat table and put the tool into the right place,

then you could lever up the clasp easily to adjust your Milanese strap. 

2nd Mistake: You could buckle up the clasp even it’s not on the trade.

Although there are trades and patterns on the strap, actually you could buckle up the clasp even it’s not on the trade.

Therefore, there won’t be any problem for people who has tiny width of wrist to wear, just adjust the strap easily.

The 3rd Mistake: How to put the clasp back if the clasp is separated from the strap

This might be the most difficult one, sometimes we slip the watch and the clasp is slipping out from the strap.

For people who has never set up a watch might have trouble buckle the strap back to watch or couldn’t buckle up the clasp.

Don’t worry, just remember those tips, you won’t be freak up when you have those problems.

First, make sure the clasp and the watch are in the right side & direction.

Recommend you to open the clasp, it is more easy for you to put the clasp back to the strap.

Watch closely, you could see a metal sheet in the clasp.

When you want to put the Milanese strap back, please be sure the strap is under the metal sheet, nor the clasp couldn’t be buckle up.

Let me highlight the point for you, it’s correct the Milanese strap should be under the metal sheet.

Finally, use the tool to buckle up the clasp, done!

Remember those 3 tips, then you won’t be freak out when you have those problems next time.

You will be carefree wearing Milanese strap watch and be stylish with your Theodora’s watch!

Watch in the photos: Zeus Skin Pink Dial Rose Gold Milanese Strap

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