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Today, we are going to unbox the product of Theodora’s.

Because I actually love the style of minimalist, the watches and accessories are exactly my type.


I also prefer to wear the simple and easy outfit. So the product of this brand is really an excellent item for my clothing.

That’s simple but chic.

Now, let’s talk about the reason why they call “Theodora’s.”

The meaning of the Theodora’s is the gift from the god.

Theodora is an empress of Eastern Roman Empire and the wife of Emperor Justinian. The name represents a brave, independent, and firm woman.

She pursues the dream and supports others’ dreams at the same time.


I really like the meaning of the brand and want to give girls this kind of faith.

The story of the brand makes me have a good first impression.

I pick two types of gift sets.

First one: Hera Classic Eggshell White Dial Dark Brown Genuine Leather Strap Watch & 2 Bracelets Perfume Gift Set


This is always the combination I like owing to the simplicity and delicacy.

The color of brown and white can match lots of things.

It is pretty good.


The watch and the accessory are the similar color.

You can keep this gift set for yourself or give away as a present.

Besides, the devil is hidden in the details.

Do not underestimate the wrap of the product.

It is quite exclusive and beautiful.


You can see your watch and the bracelet in the gift box.

The scent of the perfume is fresh and lovely.

You can wear this perfume for work or hanging out with friends.


Second one: Gaia Black Embossed Dial Black Milanese Strap Watch & 2 Bracelets Perfume Gift Set


This one is much more stylish than the previous one.

The strap of this type is Milanese strap.

If you want to adjust the strap, remember to use the small tool to do that.

You might get hurt if you simply use your finger to move the clasp of the strap.

I think the one matches the clean and simple suit and the high heels.

Wear it to show the difference for your outfit.

And the smell of the Gaia perfume really hits the spot.

It is the scent of rose, musk and freesia. It makes me feel good and wonderful.

You can find more choices on the website. Every piece in the gift set is also sold separately. Just go to see it!


I just placed the order of Apollo Chronograph watch a few minutes ago.

That’s pretty good! 


All in all, this gift set is really a good value.

 Definitely an excellent choice for you!


And all the gift sets have a one-year warranty and the service of free battery replacement.


Check it out right now for more information!