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  It’s not a normal blue, it’s “midnight blue”.

Midnight blue is a mysterious color between black & blue tone.

The profound quality, which is extraordinary in a low-profile way.

Matching with dark strap, low-key and profound.

Matching with rose gold strap, shiny and eye-catching.

Midnight blue, it could be the color of the sky in the night, the color of a deep ocean.

It also could be the color of blurred moonlight.

You could say it's the warmest color.

In different angle, it looks beautiful in different way.

As the changing of the reflection of the light, there are glamorous glitters anytime.

That’s the profound and warm blue, which makes people want to swim in it and float on it to the far edge.

Midnight blue is the color in the dream.

Walk in the world of Midnight blue, see a different scenery that totally differs from a pure black.

The lesser the absolutory, the more the uniqueness.

The perfect color suits for both men and women.

Put on the midnight blue, you’re the blue that I missed every day and every night.

The spontaneous and unique midnight blue becomes more eye-catching with the decoration of the accessories.

I prefer the hallucinatory of midnight blue better than the absolute of black.

Because midnight blue is the only color that can compete with black.

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