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【Watch Recommended】Let’s Keep in Black Even in Summer! Check Unmissable Black Watches of THEODORA’S.

When it comes to summer, one of unmissable accessories should be a watch. Imagine you wear a tank top or a T-shirt, you can add a nice touch to your outfit with only a watch. To fit this demand, classic black watches would beat any other options. Fashionable and timeless, black watches fit any sort of outfit. This time, we have especially searched for the black watches of THEODORA’S. This summer, abandon all your questions and immerse yourself in black!


Hebe square black-black mesh

Who demands that watches must be round? Square ones also feature their characteristics. One is you rarely have the same watch with someone. After all, a square is a unique shape for watches. In addition, the petite size of this watch is friendly to girls’ slim wrists. (Buy here)


Venus mother-of-pearl black

Among all black watches, you would shine more elegantly if choosing the mother-of-pearl collection, as each pattern on the dials varies, which makes the Venus collection one and only. Therefore, you still find some interest and variation in black watches. (Buy here)


Hera classic black

Or if you want to play it safe, this watch from the Hera collection won’t disappoint you. Its classic and neat dial, dyed with a sense of mystery in black, also fits any outfit. (Buy here)


Apollo chronograph 

As for the Apollo unisex chronographs, they also own a group of die-hard fans and sell like hotcakes. Whether you are a girl who prefers large watches or a boy who has wide wrists, this Apollo black chronograph will fit you. A black watch adorned with gray lines presents details everywhere. (Buy here)


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