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【Trending】Pantone’s Color of 2022-Very Peri

2022 has come. Pantone, constantly affecting the fashion industry, declared color of 2022-Very Peri, which comes with a balmy atmosphere, as the blue brings tranquility, steadiness, royalty, and eternity to people. Since Pantone has a brand-new expectation to the world, they hope that Very Peri would be the most cheerful and warmest color to lead us forward.

Also, we selected several watches in colors similar to Pantone’s color of 2022 and recommended these to those who still wait for good timing.


Apollo chronograph collection

The delicate Very Peri, paired with dark straps, when you wear this watch and rotate your arm, this watch glitter with a glow. Besides, A chronograph owns a 24-hour indicator, a day indicator, and a date indicator. This watch balances functions and fashion. (link)


Venus mother-of-pearl collection

As Pantone expected to bring the masses the most cheerful and the warmest bluish purple, the Venus mother-of-pearl collection, in a purple tone with a bit brownish red, displays diverse gloss and colors under the sunshine with your arm spinning, devoted to unique you. (link


Hera classic collection

A minimalist and classic bluish purple watch, paired with black mesh bands, avant-garde bluish purple and black, becomes an all-purpose watch. (link)


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