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【Recommended】Three Examples of Couple Watches Unisex to Exchange and Wear.

Due to different sizes, couples might not exchange their clothes or shoes for wearing. However, watches solve this problem. Since watches nowadays are unisex and size-fixed, someone’s girlfriend may take her boyfriend’s watch to pair outfits, or even they would exchange their watches for wearing. Thus, unisex is one vital standard to choose your couple watches.

Recommended 1: #Mercury solar-powered bluish green-black bracelet
Recommended 2: #Apollo Rose gold-rose gold mesh

Couple watches correspond to each other with similar details and link couples.  

As the first example, this man wore a Mercury solar-powered bracelet chronograph. As for the lady, she wore an Apollo mesh chronograph. Both watches corresponded to each other with the element of subdials. All their moves showed nice touch.

Still, if this lady wears masculine items, such as a leather jacket or, Chelsea boots, she will rock her boyfriend’s watch. All you need is to wear various watches and accessories to spice up your outfits.

Recommended 3: Aurora solar-powered matte black-milk tea crazy horse leather strap
Recommended 4: Mercury solar-powered matte black-milk tea crazy horse leather strap

Choosing similar watches as couple watches makes you showcase your love even understatedly. Both this Aurora watch and this Mercury watch are solar-powered ones. Their straps didn’t go through any process of the leather, straightforward to the stage of dyeing. As a result, these straps kept their natural grains, turning each watch into a unique one.

Every detail significantly highlights how exquisite these watches are. Besides, their matte black watches present a unisex style, radiating a sense of mystery.

Recommended 5: Hera classic dark blue-black mesh
Recommended 6: Hera classic petite dark blue-rose gold mesh

Classic and unisex, the Hera collection is always the best choice for couple watches because of its minimalist but exquisite style, without redundant design. Wearers’ styles would emphasize exclusive looks of the Hera collection.

Like this Hera classic dark blue-black mesh, it is fitting for girls to wear this watch on a slightly formal occasion. Low-key and serene, if paired with a suit jacket or a knitted coat, this dark blue watch will elevate your profession.

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