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【Fashion Trend】Pantone Has Proclaimed the Mainstream Colors of 2021 Autumn and Winter.

As seasons change, autumn and winter are coming gradually. The global authority on colors, Pantone, has proclaimed the mainstream colors of 2021 Autumn and winter, ultimate gray and illuminating.

Compared to previous mainstream colors, the earth tone, brilliant colors rose in this autumn and winter because the pandemic was soaring globally. These changes display that people are yearning for brighter lives and trying to rekindle their passion for their lives.

Nevertheless, Pantone also emphasized enduring colors for all purposes, like coconut cream and ultimate gray, which are still the classics for this year.

So, we have sorted out several watches that fit Pantone’s mainstream colors, recommending them to readers who still observe the fashion.

#Downtown brown

Hera leather watch: eggshell white dial-dark brown leather

A pair of leather straps, in serene dark brown, born for autumn and winter, has had the petite version recently. In a unisex color, one big and one small are suitable as a pair of couple watches. Moreover, dainty watches are further friendlier to girls whose wrists are further slimmer. (Big) (Small)

#Ultimate gray

Mercury solar-powered chronograph: white-gray leather strap
Aurora solar-powered watch: white-gray leather strap

Ultimate gray is one of the colors of 2021, as the color of marbles on the beach, seeming to have experienced storms, showcasing an unyielding, reliable, and sturdy symbol. Panton expected that the pandemic too shall pass, chose ultimate gay to ease everyone’s mind, and brought hope to the masses’ life. Based on this concept, we selected two solar-powered watches, which recharge themselves as long as there is light, anticipating both watches bring people to a steadier and brighter place. (Aurora) (Mercury)

#First blush

Hera minimalist leather watch: eggshell white-pink leather strap

It is believed that pink tones usually belong to spring. Opposed to general thoughts, Pantone proclaimed the color, first blush, as the color of 2021 autumn. From here, we saw the autumn and winter succeed vivid color tones of spring and summer. (Big) (Small)

#Clear sky

Hera minimalist unisex leather watch: eggshell white-blue gray

Pantone also encouraged everyone to blend colors. For example, you may keep color tones of spring and summer, then pairing them with tranquil colors of autumn and winter. Therefore, on how to compose your watches, a dial in dark colors paired with straps in clear sky blue would perfectly fit Pantone’s emphasized color pairing. (Big) (Small)


To conclude, time flies. The end of 2021 is also coming. We hope everyone gives a new meaning to life with colors when greeting a new year. More watches are on the official website. Welcome to visit the official website.

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