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Let’s Analyze the Top 5 FAQs that Our Customer Service Received!

When customers are browsing watches on Theodora’s, besides not knowing which one to buy, our customer service has received hundreds of kinds of questions. Thus, we sorted the top 5 FAQs to solve everyone’s confusions.


Top 1: Do you have a physical store? I saw that you have showcases on the fan page.

Many customers misunderstood these showcases were in our physical store. Actually, this place is the headquarter of Theodora’s. Since we have demands for commercial photography, we purposely built showcases. So far, our products have been sold on the online store. Once we establish a physical store, we will inform everyone.


Top 2: Do I get a discount if I buy 2 watches at once or my birthday is in the month?

Theodora’s has offered long-term 5% off discounts among all products, and released some time-limited discounted gift sets and sales. If you are concerned about discounts, feel free to check our official website and fan page to achieve the latest news.

The recent sale: #Travel project. This project encourages everyone to wear Theodora’s, breathe outdoors, and have a brief trip on the premise that people don’t break the rules of pandemic prevention.

Apollo chronograph white-rose gold mesh


Besides, we also released brand new time-limited sets, which include two kinds of straps. You could pair different dials with straps to create more than one hundred combinations. (Link)

Top 3: Is this watch available? How long would it take after I order one?

Here is a tip to see if there is any watch available. If the watch you look for is sold out, the option will display “Not available now” and the ETA. If you don’t see words like these, all are available. For the duration of delivery, it will process through assembly, quality control, packing, and delivery. Often, you will receive the order after 3-5 workdays.

Top 4: Do you have any highly recommended watches?


We believe that customers might get lost in our versatile products. Thus, it would be better to consider elements like: skin tones, watch dials, habits of wearing, and functions to decide what to wear. As for skin tones, there is an article released before about selecting your watch according to your skin tone.

Top 5: Do you offer engraving service?

We haven’t offered engraving service yet. If we happen to offer relevant service, we will release an announcement to inform customers.

That‘s all for the top 5 questions. We hope this article would answer your questions. It could save you time if you check the FAQs and answers here before asking our customer service.

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