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【Guide】 How to Choose Watches Suiting Your Skin Tone?

I believe when everyone is trying to select watches, most will get confused with excessive choices. Also, you might not be sure about which watch will suit your skin tone. According to FAQs we receive the most often, ‘Does this color will suit me?’ and ‘My skin tone is tanned, will watches in rose gold fit mine?’ are questions people worry about. It is a profession to find out accessories and watch suiting your skin tone. Based on your skin tone, materials and colors of watch that suit you vary.


#Light skin tones
Those who has light skin tones are lucky. Generally speaking, they don’t need to worry much about colors of watches, since any color seems harmonious on them. Therefore, the point is to focus on how to make yourself more energetic, or to follow your outfit to pair. Soft and pastel colors, such as pink and pastel blue are suitable for creating a mild style visually and a refreshing feeling. If you choose metal strap, like mesh bands or bracelets, they match light skin tones as well.

A colorful Hera blue-gray-strap watch and a Hera rose-gold-mesh band watch significantly suits girls with light skin tones.


#Beige skin tones

As for the Asian, they are born with neutral beige skin tones. If people with beige skin tones choose unsuitable accessories, their choices will make them seem unhealthy. As a result, they need to pay more attention to select accessories. The difficulty to choose right ones is relatively high. To embellish beige skin tones, black and white are best option. They may balance the Asian’s beige skin tones. Watches of THEODORA’S also diversify so that you may choose black straps to pair with dials in various colors. Besides balancing skin tones, you also add a nice touch to your outfits.

Mercury bluish green-black mesh band and Hera white-black mesh band are examples to apply black to balance beige skin tones.


#Tanned skin tones
In recent years, the definition of “beauty” has changed gradually. Not just light skin tones, the masses adore tanned skin tones nowadays, as tanned skin tones have become symbolism of health. To create the healthy Western style, bright colors tones qualify for this mission. The bright colors make your skin tones look healthy, yet not filthy. 

Watches in colors that has strong collision will elevate the luster of tanned skin tones, just as light gray straps paired with white dials brighten skin tones. However, tanned people should avoid wine red, orange brown, etc., which don’t embellish dark tones. On the contrary, these colors will make your skin tone seem untidy. With an Apollo white-gray genuine leather strap, the tanned skin tone looks glossy.


In conclusion: As long as choosing right watches to elevate your skin tones, you showcase your features on outfits and grace your styles.