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【Recommended】 Couples’ Top 4 Favorite Couple Accessories Link Your Hearts Closer.

When festivals come, are you always lost in the sea of countless gift options? If you are, this article would be a lifebuoy for you and has listed the top 4 of couple accessories, showing you the right direction of the land. You also create your sense of romance with neat accessories.

First recommended couple accessories: 21-gram soul couple necklaces

This set of 21-gram soul couple necklaces includes multiple meanings. First, the shape of the pendant, &, means unseparated love forever. Slim chains keep these necklaces exquisite. Second, the total weight of a pair of necklaces is 21 grams, which symbolizes the weight of a soul. That indicates a couple becomes one.

Finally, there are agates on the back representing perseverance and happiness.

Women in rose gold; men in black look low-key and neat. A simple touch creates a perfect match.

Besides, Men have the other option of silver ones. Welcome to purchase them on the official website.

For Valentine’s Day, this couple necklace set cost less than RM350. Still, you obtain a gift box package and carry bag guaranteed free returns within 15 days and a 1-year warranty. The gift of the year would be this couple necklace set. (Link)


Second recommended couple accessories: Gray couple necklaces

The new arrivals, gray leather bracelets, have been the hit recently.

Pure, chic, and serene, a pair of gray leather necklaces elevates sheer affection between a couple. (Link)


Third recommended couple accessories: Infinity couple necklaces

This pair of infinity couple necklaces sell like hotcakes on the official website of THEODORA’S. Made of real leather, exquisite and stable, these infinity necklaces are of romance with the symbol of infinity, which means infinite love. It’s recommended.

Upon wearing them, you claim that you are in love now.

Infinity necklaces extend your love endlessly. (Link)


Fourth recommended couple accessories: Wheel of fortune couple bracelets

Braided with leather straps, wheel of fortune couple bracelets have been highly focused recently, as new arrivals. The dark browns for women and the silver blacks for men take the design of magnetic clasps to make wearing easier.

Ellipsoidal decorations make these leather-braided bracelets convey a sense of design. The patterns of braids look like lock happiness into these bracelets.

If you decide to give a pair of wheel of fortune bracelets to your girlfriend, it would be a heart-warming scene. Put them on each other’s arms and you are the couple blessed by Lady Luck. (Link)

The four couple accessories mentioned above have time-limited 10%-off discounts. Welcome to visit THEODORA’S if you seek gifts for Chinese Valentine’s Day.