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Touch Your Heart! 35 Romantic Gift Sets Make Their Gorgeous Debut. The Classic Bestsellers & New Hits for You at once.

Finally, the gift sets for Chinese Valentine’s Day roll out, making their romantic debut.

Theodora’s selects 35 gorgeous and romantic gift sets this time. All gifts are sweet and lovely like roses. We invite you to give him/ her the best gift on Chinese Valentine’s Day.

All orders wrapped up in gift boxes, coming with dust bags and gift bags. We have already prepared all you need for you. As you make an order on the official website, your order can be returned within 15 days, and a one-year warranty. Theodora’s hopes that every customer can order with no worry.

This chance is one and only. Reuniting on Chinese Valentine’s Day, Let’s give the endless love to the only lover in this life. 

【First present】Deluxe couple watch gift sets

(Coming with 2 alternative watch straps)

These deluxe sets are Netizen’s favorite for giving as gifts. With a classy package, the golden ribbons are the points that get a higher mark on impression. On valentine’s Day, you will not feel ashamed if you take this gift out.

All gift sets come with two straps. That means that you own 4 watches at once. Thanks to the design of quick release watch straps. You can change watch straps anytime, having new styles whenever. These gift sets are worth collecting.


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【Second present】The classic watch accessory gift set

The watch and accessory gift sets are good bargains. Also, they are popular choices for giving gifts. A watch combines with an accessory and a watch strap. The watch and accessory gift set are suitable for yourself or friends, fitting for girls loving accessories. I recommend these gift sets as birthday gifts or anniversary gifts to you.

Here are the most popular chronograph gifts. The skin pink watch is girls’ favorite. The right one is the bestseller. The bestseller has two specifications for men and women this time. It seems no matter who can’t refuse the attraction of the bluish green. Don’t forget to put it on your bucket list.


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【Third present】New arrivals-Orpheus watch gift sets

Orpheus watch gift sets are the latest ones rolling out this time. The designs infuse chronographs and mother-of-pearl, looking chic and enchanting. The gloss of the Orpheus watches is alike to oil paint. You will never find another same one. This series is a key point of the Valentine’s Day gift sets, too.

Most vote for the match of red and blue. The unique gloss and artsy breath make you radiate the light of affection, plus the special meaning of Orpheus series: The endless love. Giving this set to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, you will get her heart effortlessly.

While wearing the couple watches, you are 100% match!

I Personally recommend this Orpheus bluish-green set, which looks so entrancing. There are even two specifications for men and women separately. Now, you understand how beguiling this set is. Hurry up and put it in your cart!


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【Fourth present】Couple bracelet gift sets

This time, Theodora’s have released 4 couple bracelet gift sets. If you bring a gift to your girlfriend on special days, that will make her love you more.

Displaying affection unobtrusively is the evidence that you are in sync.

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Exclusive Valentine’s Day gifts of 2020

During the sale, if you buy a gift set, you will get a pick poster. Write down your love words, and let the other to feel the love of your first encounter again.


【Get an exclusive gift with purchase of over NTD5000.】

This Chinese Valentine’s Day, let’s spend our time on our lovers, giving the present to the only one.


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Don’ t forget to be on time!